Moving On in Mrs. E’s Classroom

Heyla, my students continue to march forward in their perspective courses. Hoping I can offer some ideas or base models for you and your classroom.

4.15.16_blackout_poem_2English 9 – We are now moving into our next unit which focuses on research skills, poetry and figurative language. Students are required to research a poet they choose and provide a presentation of their poet and how their life gave them inspiration in their poetry. They then have to present a poem and point out figurative language. To practice this we read Poe’s, “The Raven” and looked at figurative language. As well, we did black out poetry with pages from Dicken’s “Great Expectations” because the vocabulary in the book is good bring up the depth of knowledge of a relatively pretty easy activity.

Speech – My students are working on persuasive speeches and I model it for them doing a speech about “The Semi-Colon Project” and actually how we need to target the things we can change as a society for teenagers such as; poverty, drug use, abuse and stigmas. Again, I am focusing on my students evoking because they very much understand “woke” and I want them to see and practicing, “Evoke”. This also can very much tie to an argumentative paper they are writing for me for dual credit English.

English – We are working on argumentative paper where students must demonstrate 51o9m1i4H2L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_argumentation skills and persuasive techniques. We are finishing this up, so that we can prepare and move into reading my favorite book to teach which is Tennessee William’s play, A Streetcar Named Desire.Β I love teaching it because of the dynamic characters. To prepare to read it we actually look a lot at literary theories of reading to help students find way to more academically articulate what they are reading and how they are reading it. The method I use to do this is via a lecture that I created. It is not too exciting.

Mass Media – We are finishing up listening to our podcasts and I assigned a photo story where students had to tell an autobiography of their lives through a series of 10 pictures with no captions. After that I am not sure where we will head. I have been thinking of shifting one of my projects around to do a social media viral video. I just don’t know if I want a remake or a newly created one. We shall see. It is still in development.

Next time I check in I will likely have some more exciting activities. A lot of what we are doing are building up to more exciting projects.

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