My love and my best wishes: Class of 2017.

Class of 2017

This one has been ruminating for awhile now because saying goodbye is always so hard for me. It is probably the 2nd hardest part about being a teacher for me. You know you are sending them off to bigger and better things, but it hurts. I remember when my # 1 was just learning to crawl and I had an epiphany on the painfulness of raising children. We are literally giving birth to them to constantly watch them move away from us.

And because my own motherhood is woven into my teaching it feels exactly the same. I wrote something to share with my class a few weeks back about how I truly feel as their teacher. I am giddy, afraid, hopeful and apprehensive all at once. This is very much like motherhood. We hope we teach them well to do amazing things in the world. A world that can sometimes beat the hell of out them. But we have to trust them, we have to trust ourselves that what we taught them had an impact, and we have to watch them walk away and try it on their own.

My first group of kids was special because they were first and I love them dearly. This 2nd group of kids served a very unique and personal role that I am not sure many of them even know they did. I had them all a lot the year my guy had his brain surgery. They gave me the ability to get lost in my work. Their emails when I was down in Indy with him were uplifting and thoughtful. The daily hugs, and words of encouragement. Their love and prayers were felt on levels that they likely don’t even understand or know. When they made their way back around to me their junior year our bond became even stronger. They were and continue to bless me every day.

But on top of that they were the 2nd children in a very unique school where a big deal was made of our first group. They always kinda felt like they stood in the shadows and truthfully they did. Even though they changed the face of our school in their own unique and amazing aways. But still the shadows. But one of my best human qualities is my ability to pull people out of the shadows. This isn’t a brag, it is just my personality.

Over the last few days I have been thinking of each of them and feel nothing but immense pride at their hard work and ability and my little tiny role in that of making sure they all shined in their own ways while in my classroom and sometimes out of it. I make it a goal to have at least one connection with each student in my classroom every year.

Of course, you connect with some students more than others but there are so many in this group. In just a few days, I will watch them walk across the stage many already with their associates degree and I know that I will be that proud teacher that is all those mixed bag of emotions and trying to figure out how to say good bye. For some, I will likely never see again and others they will be shipping off.

I just can’t. I don’t want to. But I have to because it is part of the job. It is trusting you have made an impact, no matter how small, in their future so that they know they CAN and WILL be a success in where ever this life takes them.

So to my precious class of 2017 I bid you farewell. I have said it 100x to you that remember if you need reminders of your greatness you know where to find me and yes I will always awkwardly reply to your proclamations of affection because that is me. But remember that doesn’t mean I love ya’ll any less. Life gets really hard sometimes, but if you follow your heart and lead with love it won’t ever steer you wrong. Now go do great things and make us proud!

My love to you always.

Love Always Wins -MR

I am a youtuber!!

So yea if you follow me on my social media you know I have been toying with doing more vlog type blogging. It suits itself with my life and I have been a blogger forever. I threw out the idea to my kiddos who loved the idea and we went through a process to figure out what that actually looks like and gathered the equipment. It happened.

We posted our first one last night. It is going to be very MOMMY RHETORIC which means me being real. I have tried the fake perfect life thing. I have tried the posting only as one thing. I have tried just being a cook, a teacher, a momma and one thing always was so obvious. I am much more engaging when I am just me which is basically a little bit of everything.

When I started blogging I never made it about readers or amounts of views and this venture will be no different. If this ends up as no more than just a chronicle for me to look back on and smile then so be it. I don’t “perform” for others. I say that to my children, I say that to my students and I live that life. I am me. If you wanna view it I invite you in. If you don’t that is okay. I am not for everyone.

But can I say this idea has already meant so much to me. I am a sap. I am so damn sentimental. The process of getting equipment and collaborating on ideas and then making my first video has been one of my happiest memories with my children. Each of them contributed to the video in a certain way. Even my guy’s “don’t tape me attitude” has made me giddy.

So if you watched, do watch I want to thank you for the time and know that we are definitely sharing some of the crazy shananigans that are what I have dubbed Eichenauer Party of Five.

Year End Wrap Up – Mommy Rhetoric – 2017

Professionally as I finish up my 7th year of teaching I find that each year gives me what I need out of most whether it is professionally or personally. This year was no different. Two amazing things happened that all were preceded by a blah feeling. It was becoming an ‘old hat’. I like challenges and to be challenged by them, my thinking, my colleagues and my teaching. I find that my teaching fulfills my creative necessity in life. So ‘old hat’ poses problems.

img-thingThus enter the group of juniors I had this year. A group that my traditional teaching methods did not work on. My traditional methods I would call pathos filled, life has a purpose and what is yours lessons and that isn’t what they needed from me. Instead, I needed to find ways to reach them that were more effective and yet still meaningful to my own authenticity because the biggest and best part of my teaching is my being myself. When you teach teenagers that need that reassurance that being who they are is okay. I found it. I stumbled…but I found it. I reached them. Of course, as the year ends you look at yourself and your classroom and you see things that you could change or could have gone better. But I didn’t give up and I thought about it.

The second and likely most impactful to me as a professional and personally was feeling my own calling and purpose shift and change. The world has been trying to tell me in awhile, but I ignored it or just wasn’t picking up on it. I am not even sure I have entirely figured it out. But I am getting there slowly. It isn’t a story I am ready to tell or even have put all together. But I have found a voice I didn’t know I had. Now I just need to articulate it. My dream is bigger than I could ever imagine and it scares me. But I trust that signs I am seeing are God, or the wider universe nudging me or maybe even kicking me in that direction.

Contemplatively Yours – MR

17 Years-I promise forever.

We are nearing another year. This would be putting year 17 to bed and heading into year 18. This year didn’t teach me much that I did not already know. It did show me that someone always has my back. Especially he has my back when I am confused, indecisive and scared of my own shadow. Thank you love for being the love of my life and the love that I never even realized I needed until I did.

To many, many, many more!

Mommy Rhetoric

As we stand together
I promise forever
‘Til the day that I die
You are the love of my life

Wedding Song – Sammy Kershaw


may 22, 1999


may 22, 2016

Oh I suppose this may be another post waxing poetic about my marriage, but it isn’t some lame attempt at my social media life looking more exciting than the real deal. In fact, exciting and all of it’s connotations are exactly what makes my marriage worth having and where this post was generated from.

While on vacation I was perusing pinterest and I came across a pin about a man who had been married for 17 years and had written an extremely popular post about how to maintain a marriage for that long. I was struck very quickly with imposter syndrome. How in the world can a 17 year long marriage shed any sort of light on the keys…

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