I am gonna do this thing!

I shared before that I love to cook. But my work schedule during the school year messes with my love of cooking. Or I should say our school schedules mess with it it as in we do not have enough time to cook the way I wish I could. I did a lot of freezer meals and that helped. But I am so picky about flavor and I struggled sometimes with the freezer taste. But it was a good alternative.


My goal this summer to find 20 go-to recipes that let me cook the way I want to without falling into the boxed food trap. My girls are used to having a momma that cooks all the time and some of that back slide this year. I hope to test the following recipes all found on pinterest. My other goal is to hopefully blog about each one in hopes that it helps someone else out there in the same predicament. I want my girls to know healthy and hearty cooked at home meals.

  1. Crockpot spaghetti – a recipe I have wanted to try forever. I have been raised in the camp no pasta in the crockpot so this intrigues me and is worth a try.
  2. Crockpot Beef Chili – Chili of any sort at my house is a hit. My kids like it with beans and meat, so this recipe is about perfect.
  3. White Chicken Chili Soup – One of our teachers at school makes this a lot and I always think it sounds so good and that my girls would like it’s mild flavor. Therefore, this recipe is definitely on the list.
  4. Three cheese BBQ chicken sammies – Sammies are always a hit at my house. We love to squish stuff in the waffle maker with shredded chicken of all flavors. This sounds like it could easily be another variation on that. Nom!
  5. Perfect Pancakes – We always have a binner in there somewhere during the week. My girls love it to much not too. Unfortunately, out of lack of preparedness I found myself relying on boxed pancake mixes this year. A shame for me because honestly scratch pancake mix is probably one of these easiest things to make. Plus my girls are used to my versions and the box mixes are either too flat or too fluffy. Thankfully, I tried this one already and will share later my results. They were good (obviously cause I included it in my 20).
  6. Daddy’s Hamburgers – These burgers are time saving and mess saving because you bake them. My family loves burgers of all varieties, but I hate the greasy mess. I have made this before once and I know they will be perfect for this challenge. Plus they just sound yummy.
  7. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Strips – Buffalo anything is already a staple around these parts. I imagine my girlies would love these or they would shred them and repeat a buffalo flavored version of # 4. Either way they are eating them.
  8. The Perfect Baked Potato – My girls and guy love baked potatoes. After our four months of my guy on soft foods baked potatoes became a staple. I also love the idea of topping them with yummy leftovers like broccoli cheese or shredded BBQ beef. There are so many options and I think if you explore you can turn a baked potato into dinner.
  9. Frozen Crockpot Meatloaf – I think the frozen I didn’t like so much was cooked. It wasn’t horrible. I just think it messed with flavors. I do feel like maybe frozen raw and thawed to cook maybe the answer to that. Anyway, I am willing to try this and see. Plus it is crockpot meatloaf. Yum!
  10. Pulled Pork in Pressure Cooker – We love pulled pork, but it ends up being a weekend meal. I think we could utilize our pressure cooker more and have the cooked all day flavor without the time of cooking all day. I like this recipe, but I would substitute the beer for root beer. My girls love sweet barbecue.
  11. Chicken in Pressure Cooker – I think chicken in the pressure cooker would be amazing. I wouldn’t necessarily follow all of this recipe. I don’t really like many herbs, so I would opt for more a barbecue flavor or garlic butter flavor.
  12. Hobo Meal – This recipe is intriguing to me. I already do something similar with potatoes. I love the idea of adding meat. I would leave out onions or add onion powder if you felt like you needed the flavor. I see the girls liking this idea of it being in an individual packet.
  13. Rotisserie Chicken Recipes – This is an awesome place for some great quick meals and I think I would use most of them. I would make my own chicken in the crockpot though. It is totally doable.
  14. Calzones – This could easily be a go-to. I know they have it as a freeze recipe. I think if you made the dough ahead of time you could freeze that and thaw what is needed and easily whip together multiple versions of calzones. Yum!
  15. Pizza Grilled Cheese – I guess this is a Canadian thing. I am not exactly sure why though. But whatever. I could see this becoming an easy thing at my house. Grilled cheese with added protein and a side salad and veg. Easy peezy!
  16. Bowtie Chicken Alfredo – My girls love chicken Alfredo so much that I put a stop to it for a year. This recipe looks pretty doable in a short amount of time. And I love me to Pioneer woman. So this will be happening in the test.
  17. Pepperoni Pizza Burgers – I said above and I will say again that my kids love burgers. This will be happening. It is the mixing of two favs.
  18. Creamy Mustard Sauce Chicken – I am just saying now minus brandy. I would find an alternative. But this sounds amazing and my family would eat chicken every day if I made it.
  19. Beef and Bean Burritos – You cannot ever go wrong with Mexican. On the days I did make dinner and it was good and hearty. Mexican was it. It is usually easy and quick. πŸ™‚
  20. Easy Brown Sugar Porkchops –Β How could you possibly go wrong with this one? Sounds amazing.

Alright I will start this challenge next week and try and finish it up by August when we head back to school. I forsee Β lot of healthy meals at the O’ E homestead.

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