There you are dear sweet blog.

In effort to make my life more about 85% instead of 110% I will come here and make no apologies for my random absences. You all know what is going on. My life is going through a heck of a lot of change. Change is not easy. But I know I love it, and it is worth it.

So instead of trying to do and be all I will get here when I get here. I will never forget about you my dear sweet blog. This is just life.

Tonight is gonnaΒ  be so random! Just prepare yourselves!

So I did my first evaluation the other day. Much different than my evaluations at the college level. Plus it is the big bad word all over….k12 TEACHER EVALUATIONS. And sure I could argue the politics all day but here folks it is a reality. Maybe my boss is awesome…wait no I know he is. But my evaluation went great. All positive remarks and damn I was proud. Maybe my students were more nervous than me cause they wooed him too! Or maybe just maybe I do know what I am doing.

My # 3 has had a rough two weeks. A day puking (twice), horribly snotty and allergy struggles, then the croup. But we are on steroids and zpack. So we are on the mend I hope. My other two are minecraft obsessed and we got a new computer to accommodate. So that is ALL THEY DO (after homework of course!).
My guy is doing what he does best….working it out. He has been so great the last month while I am figuring this stuff out! I miss him to be honest. I need a date with him. I have been missing my #3 so much I haven’t slept with out her but two days since school started. I created a monster now and my guy and I both admitted it works for now. Oh well. There are worse problems if you ask me. Thankfully, it is the family bed but the family room. She sleeps on the floor and I do the couch! πŸ™‚
Well off to grade. Too many papers ACK!

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